Curriculum Vitae

1997 Stefan Pielmeier then joined Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland GmbH in Nürnberg where he developed embedded software for the first generation 3G base station in an international cooperation with sites in whole Europe. He was made system architect and strongly supported the requirements analysis and verification tool chain development of the first huge ASICs on the transmitter cards.

In 2003, the european silicon valley called Stefan to Villeneuve-Loubet at the french Cote d’Azur to be project leader for 2.5G chipset development at Texas Instruments, introducing for the first time formal estimation methods and KPI’s to measure maturity in embedded development.

The transfer to Denmark in 2005 allowed him to introduce new automatic “continuous integration” build and test tools to speed up 3G protocol stack development by eliminating manual testing. Helping others to focus on the important task had earned him 2 Texas Instruments awards.

In 2007 Stefan Pielmeier changed to Telenor Denmark, to take technical responsibility for quality and feature upgrades to the data core network components towards 4G, capturing requirements, coordinating the technical teams and creating budgets.

From 2010-2018, he managed the software development of the maritime radio and navigation product portfolio for Thrane & Thrane A/S in Aalborg,  known as the SAILOR Radios. Leading technology development and developing the team members went hand-in-hand to get most out of the up to 14 developers under Stefan’s control. 10 new high-quality SAILOR products were developed during that time. Two Sir Alain Cobham Awards were awarded to Stefan and his team for his technical and management contributions during that time.

Since 2016, Stefan helps smaller startups as CTO and system architect to realise App/Backend solutions for totally new markets.

Since 2014, Stefan is actively participating in the standardisation of the new maritime digital communication standard VHF Data Exchange since April 2019 he is chairman for the IALA eNav communications working group.

Since March 2019, he helps Bang & Olufsen automising their audio quality testing for the high end sound device series, saving time and money by applying DSP techniques on off-the shelf USB sound-cards with Raspberry Pi and Pytest.

Since July 2019, Stefan is CTO for the first danish satellite network operator Sternula, delivering the VDE-SAT service to the maritime community, founded by his partner Lars Moltsen and himself.

Stefan Pielmeier is passionate about delivering simple and robust solutions fulfilling their mission under real conditions.