We provide you with following services worldwide:

  • VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) Consultancy
  • ITU, IMO, IEC, IALA representation of your company/country
  • ITU Satellite Frequency applications (API, CR/C)
  • System Analysis and Design Consultancy
  • Embedded Product Development
  • Turnkey App/Backend Product Development to launch your business idea

having experience from following business areas:

  • maritime and land mobile telecommunications
  • embedded device R&D

We take your requirements serious and work out a solution that is best for you, simple and straightforward (KISS). Consider us to be “the architect” standing on your side to realise your ideas.

Our service is normally invoiced on an hourly basis, so it might be cheaper to hire a specialist than you expect.

Contact us today, and receive our proposal within 48 hours.